Study: 2013-2014
Construction: 2015
Plot area: 971.43 sq.m
Fuel station Area: 265.30 sq.m


ek   May 2014   Issue 187
DOMES 04/2016 137A
Exhibition of Contemporary Greek Architecture   UIA   Μoscow 10/2016



Architects: Nikos Lykoudis, Ismene
Papaspiliopoulou, Katerina Argyropoulou,
Effie Zografou
Structural- Mechanical Study:I. Stamatoukos
technical consulting Ltd
Interior Design: Nikos Lykoudis, Ismene
Papaspiliopoulou, Katerina Argyropoulou,
Effie Zografou, Marina Gkolfomitsou
Photos: Panagiotis Voumvakis



The project is about a fuel station building (gasoline, oil and gas) with customer services on a corner terrain in Kifissias Avenue. The building is developed on 3 levels, ground floor (car shop and food store), 1st floor (office spaces) and basement (auxiliary areas).
The composition includes a canopy on columns, a support building and an independent car wash area. The main aim of the project was the integration of the roof with the two-storey building, which as an element is “included” in the wedge-shaped sided canopy.  In this way the canopy leans on the back side of a solid volume and the composition is unified. Columns support the roof. The “car wash” volume is placed on the side of the composition with an independent entrance for cars at the front and an exit at the back for decongestion.
An effort was made so that the combination of materials and colors will comply with the principles of the composition. The construction form, the material choices and the volumes structure were based on their best integration into the environment. The building’s bearing structure was made of steel (car wash and superstructure of the building) and concrete (basement).
All metal parts were painted according to the firm’s standards.  The rear side and the foreheads of the building were covered with metal sheets type corten (self-corroded steel). A metallic frame in white colour was used as a ceiling for the canopy.