Study: 2011
Construction: 2012
Plot Area: 4022.91 sq.m
Building Surface: 199.95 sq.m


Ily & Ktirio 09/2013 102
Domes 04/2014 125Α 
Villas Views & Ideas ΕΚ 45/2014
Architecture Awards 2013 GΙΑ 12/2013   03/2019



Architects: Nikos Lykoudis, Ismene
Papaspiliopoulou, Katerina
Structural Study: Panagiotis Psychogios
E / M Studies: Nikos Papadakis
Photos: Panagiotis Voumvakis



The house in Keratea is a two storey single family house on a long rectangular plot, located outside the city plan. The area is characterized by low building-density and still holds the characteristics of the Attic landscape (olive trees, vineyards, conifers etc.)
Design principles: Site, Orientation, Landscape and View, Bioclimatic design
The building levels follow the existing slope of the site.
Two attached linear volumes located adversarial of an axis, separate on the ground floor the living from the sleeping areas, while creating a covered patio made both by light (wooden construction at the edge of the site) and heavy construction materials (stone kitchen wall).
The house is open to the south, with two large sliding doors defining the edges of the living area, unifying in this way the interior with the exterior. The direct connection to the covered patio, the intermediate semi-open space, the long overhang on the east and the view to the sea, as a continuity of the planted with Attic trees site, are the designing tools to provide comfort during the hot summers and the cold winters and to define the everyday living.
The pool follows the same orientation as the two building volumes, and is located to the south, facing directly the view, protected from the cooler north.
Completed elements of bioclimatic design:
orientation, geothermal system, solar panels, eco-enhanced insulation, energy crystals, thermal-block windows, eco-friendly materials, ceiling fans, future green roof.
Materials: “artificial” plaster (soil brown), local stone, exposed concrete, natural wood, gray metal, polished cement. On the floors: dark stone, travertine stone, natural wood.