Study: 2002
Construction: 2006
Plot Area: 2435.15 sq.m
Building Area: 6762.00 sq.m

Architecture in Greece Annual review 44/2010
Architecture Awards 2008 Hellenic Institute of Architecture



Project Managers: Nikos Lykoudis, Giorgos
Architects: Nikos Lykoudis, Giorgos

Designer: Patty Keratsa
Structural Study: Kostas Liontos and
E / M Design: G. Agapoulakis
Photos: Haralampos Louizidis



The study relates to a mixed-use building, developed on two floors and two basements. The ground floor is a two-storey space with a loft. The second floor basement is an underground car parking area that also includes mechanical installations. The first floor basement includes showrooms, mechanical installations and parking area. The ground floor includes exhibition spaces, work and office areas, central and secondary entrance and auxiliary staff areas. The loft is a storage. The first floor includes offices space and auxiliary staff areas.
The building was placed in retreat of street line and away from the rear and side boundaries of the plot. The building is free in the area of the plot allowing a circumferential motion.
A clean cuboid, which is based on freely teardrop shaped columns in retreat, is the first floor. The ground floor comprises one level and a two-level space. The single-level space developed in an L-shaped form and defines the two rear sides of the ground floor. The two-level part is the rest of the building and is created as a ‘gap’ of the relationship of the parallelepiped and the single-level ground floor part.
The cantilevered “metal box” is covered with aluminum panels, and illuminated by slits along. The “box” on the ground floor has large glazed windows in the areas of exhibition, and recurring openings in the area of all the other uses. This seems as a synthesis of “open” and “closed” surfaces. The closed surface is a wall of concrete with openings, which enhances the feeling of the base. Two staircases, one front and one rear, serve the vertical traffic, balancing long distances, intersecting the volumes.
The main entrance is emphasized and protected by metal canopy. The main access to the building is from Heraklion Boulevard. There is a second entrance of the building at the rear. External outdoor staircase leads to the basement from Heraklion Boulevard. Brut materials were used and claddings were avoided.