Study: 1992
Construction: 1993
Store Area: 1620 sq.m

Architecture in Greece   Annual review   1998




Architect: Giorgos
Stathopoulos,Nikos Lykoudis, Ismini Papaspiliopoulou

Photos: Nikos Lykoudis


The building was a footwear industry, constructed in the ’50s, in one of the main entrance-exit axis, the highway from Athens to Corinth. The aim of study was the overall reconstruction of the building, interior and exterior, according to its new use.
The brief provided a showroom for machinery, offices, workshop and W.C. on the ground floor. Conference hall and warehouses on the first floor, and workshop manufacturing metal fasteners in the basement.
In an existing building without interesting elements, the basic concept idea was to consider the building as a closed shell with skylights (for operational reasons) from all sides except the main façade to the street, which is open.
Front elevation consists of the main entrance, the glazing of the exhibition hall, the staircase and the meeting room on the first floor. The glazing of the exhibition hall and entrance are bounded horizontally by the volume of the conference room and vertically by the volume of the stairwell. There is a three level distinguish, the “base” (glazing – entrance), “mail body” (conference room), and the “crown” (light metallic perforated constructions at the roof).
A metal beam emphasizes the length of the facade, sets the height of the ground floor and has the sign of the company.
The meeting room which lies on the second floor, is emphasized by the repetition of windows in the “panel” of the front elevation.
Metal elements complete the composition of the facade such as the canopy of the roof, the struts of the metal beam, the canopy of the entrance, etc., highlight the industrial character of the building, indicating its use.