Study: 2005-2008
Construction: 2009
Plot Area: 131.25 sq.m
Building Area: 229.20 sq.m

Domes 05/2012 110

Design and Art in Greece Annual review 44/2013
Architecture Awards 2013 12/2013 hellenic Institute of Greece
Ily & Ktirio 01/2015 103



Architects: Nikos Lykoudis, Ismene
Structural Study: George Koutsodontis
H / M Studies: Nikos Lykoudis, Ismene
Designer: Patty Keratsa
Photos: Nikos Lykoudis



Every true architectural form is a fruit of freedom.
The faith and love for a contemporary architectural ideal will open our vision for a legal and true memory.
Aris Konstantinidis (The old houses of Athens)

The building is situated in the borders of the historic center of Athens, a mostly residential area, in a very small terrain with a preservable building in the front. The building program involves family of four. The neighboring buildings are apartment blocks 4 and 5 floors
Basic principles of composition were:

  • The development of the buildings around an internal yard so that the different architectural forms of the preservable building and the addition are clearly distinguished
  • The stairway zone is placed between the two volumes.
  • The exploitation of the natural light to its fullest, due to the entrapment between apartment buildings. This was achieved with large openings along the entire length of the face and glass blocks to the limit.
  • The creation of interior gardens and skylights in the bedroom and baths that help natural lighting and ventilation, serving as cooling towers from the ground floor to the roof.
  • The unification of the everyday functions by situating on the ground floor the kitchen, dining room and sitting room with a view and access to the internal yard.

Each room is a bedroom with a walk-in closet and a bathroom. On the terrace, a seating area was created with a garden and a wooden pergola. On the basement part of an ancient monument (350 B.C) was discovered and preserved.
Emphasis was placed on the green outside and inside. With trees (pedestrian-yard, balconies, roof), with hanging garden at the limit of the stone masonry on the ground floor, with plants in the indoor gardens – skylights.
Construction materials: painted truffaut plaster, carved masonry, limestone, natural colored wood, galvanized metal elements.