Study: 2014
Construction: 2015
Living Space: 170 sq.m



Ily & Κtirio 09/2015 105
Domes 04/2016 137A
Architecture Awards 2017   ΕΙΑ 


Architects: Nikos Lykoudis, Ismene
Papaspiliopoulou, Marina Gkolfomitsou,
Eleftheria Chatzi
Structural Study: Polichronis Roussakis
Photos: Panagiotis Voumvakis



This 170.00m2 residence was designed on the top two levels of an existing apartment building near the coast of Mati  for a family of three. Several substantial changes had to be made to highlight the spectacular view and the dominance of the sunlight.
The clean lines, the unification of the living areas on the top level to take advantage of the view, the creation of a guest room with a WC connected to the living room, the construction of a new interior staircase and of a master bedroom’s bathroom were the main aims of the design.
The view to the sea led to the creation of large glass frames, fixed and sliding, on the façade of the living room.
The staircase seems to be floating between the two levels.
Lavaplaster was applied on the living room floor and the bathrooms’ walls along with polished floor in the bedrooms and tiles or pebbles on the bathroom’s floors.
The white color of the walls, ceilings and kitchen furniture creates a sea house feeling and supplements the sunlight effect.
The external vertical garden creates a green image and hides the visual opposite of the building to the south.
The artificial lighting highlights separate corners of the house and creates a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere in harmony with the natural environment and landscape.