Study: 2008-2009
Construction: 2012
Plot Area: 800.00 sq.m
Building Area: 314.46 sq.m

ΕΚ 03/2016 205
Ily & Ktirio 01/2015 103
Domes 04/2013 118
1st exhibition of Architectural design in Attica SADAS 2013
Architecture Awards 2013 12/2013 hellenic Institute of Greece




Architects: Nikos Lykoudis, Ismene
Papaspiliopoulou, Katerina
Structural Study: Panagiotis Psychogios
E / M Study: Nikos Papadakis
Photos: Panagiotis Voumvakis



The project was a house of two floors with two basements in a free-standing building system at Dionysus landscape.
Placing the building in the site was chosen according to the orientation (protection from the north), the view of the mountain, and the big inclination of the terrain.The residence was developed in vertical levels following the terrain. The surrounding space was formed in accordance to the functional needs of each level.
The main objective was the direct connection of the interior with the exterior.  This was achieved with the use of big openings at the clear rectangle of the living room at the south and east side and at other spaces (kitchen-guest room).
The second basement of the building is parking space connected with a spiral ramp to the street and with stairs and elevator to the rest of the building. At the first basement there are ancillary spaces, stairs, elevator and a guest room connected directly to the pool. The ground floor is composed of the kitchen with storage space, the dining room, the living room and a wc. The space of the kitchen forms a Γ shape with the dining room- living room space and they have communal the main protected southeast yard with the view. The first floor is composed of the master bedroom with bathroom and a walk-in closet and three more bedrooms.
Geothermal system has been installed for heating and cooling, and reinforced ecological insulation and energy-efficient windows were used.