Study: 2021
Construction: 2022
Store area: 180.00 s.q.m



Bar & Restaurant,2022



Architects: Nikos Lykoudis, Ismene Papaspiliopoulou,
Irene Tricha, Ileana Toli, Roza Konstantinidou

Photos: Mishaal Kumar




Carpo was founded in Athens in 1991, and has been active in the field of importing, processing, packaging and merchandising nuts and dried fruits.

The brand name was inspired by the Ancient Greek goddess Karpo, one of the Hours, the deities of time and weather. They were daughters of Zeus and Themis and sisters of Nymphs and of the deities of fate. Karpo was in charge of gathering all produce at the end of summer and was the protector of harvesting. 
Following the opening of the carpo Kolonaki store one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Athens, Greece, the company operates eight stores in total, six in Athens and four in London. Now, the international retail brand has opened its flagship store in the Middle East at Fashion Avenue, in The Dubai Mall.
The carpo store in Dubai mall design intents to the creation of an original store which combines the sale of nuts, oven baked dried fruits, handmade chocolate and fresh grinded coffee. Starting point of the design process was the creation of clearly defined functional zones combined with a sense of spatial freedom and a variety of materials and colors in relation with the local culture. As a result, the store’s layout makes use of the provided space in a way that allows the products to be well displayed and at the same time defines a surrounding moving flow line. Natural materials and earthly colors are being chosen to create a cozy atmosphere and a sense of familiarity while the product packaging materials become an important part of the store’s conceptual design and decoration in a scenographic way. The wooden shelves, the counters made of natural walnut finishes and Tinos green marble, the brass elements and contrasting colors like red and green and black and white brick shaped tiles, all intent to the creation of a warm yet luxurious environment. Special care is given to the lighting design and the store’s facade configuration, which hosts and a special art corner.

Elements such as: the bronze metal separation on the sided elevation, bronze display structures, colors and patterns variety, pendant lighting by bronze spheres like chandelier, marble and wood finishes, reflect the middle East tradition and luxury while at the same time the detailed choice of these elements characterize the Greek identity of the company.