Study: 2016
Construction: 2016
Store area: 102.00 s.q.m



Architects: Nikos Lykoudis, Ismene
Papaspiliopoulou, Eleftheria Chatzi,
Platyrrachos Konstantinos
Photos: Panagiotis Voumvakis



Carpo stores combine the sale of freshly baked nuts and dried fruits with freshly grinded coffee and handmade chocolate.

The creation of seating area and loft, differentiates the new store from the previous ones, and is organized in a total area of 102,00t.m

The free loft is developed in half of the floor surface, this creates a two-story space at the front and at the rear, giving a large height on the facade and the entrance, helping the two main inner faces become more dynamic and achieve better highlight of the store’s elements. In the loft, instead of railing, a grid was placed on a metal frame, so that by entering the shop the oven nuts and machine for coffee roasting (new operating element) located there, are visible.

The construction of a vertical sliding frame on the face of the store and of an exterior standing counter, interconnects the coffee zone with the public area and defines the entry, the basic movement towards the interior of the store and the functional areas of the site. This standing counter, which was a trademark in previous stores here is differentiated and is constructed semicircular.

The seating area in the end of the store gives the feeling of an interior patio-garden, aided by the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, plants and the choices of tables and chairs.

Natural materials and earthy colors were chosen to create a cozy atmosphere and the sense of familiarity. The wooden shelves, the coffee counter with marble and wood, the glass show case for the pans filled with nuts, all were designed for the best organization and display of products. Mounted system with spotlights on tracks, highlight the products, and point-suspension lamps emphasize details and give a special character.

On the façade, the large circular light (that was a special construction) and the vertical bronzed plating on the left column, balance with the rest components that are in black colour.

The essential packaging materials (cans, boxes, bags, sacks etc.) were used as parts of the scenery and decoration.